The Mindful Advisor

02 How to be "Others Focused" with George Tamer

Episode Notes

Today I have the absolute pleasure of chatting with George Tamer from Advisor Engine. 

George is the Head of Sales over there, and has visited thousands of advisor offices over his 25 years in the industry.  I’ve known George for over 15 years now? and he’s ALWAYS been one of those PEOPLE PEOPLE.He’s the guy who, as an executive sent me a Thank you note my first year on the job, when I was so new and had no idea what I was doing. And, it meant so much to me at the time, that I had filed it away. 

And I literally JUST tossed a few months ago (sorry George) in an effort to purge, clean, embrace minimalism, all of that… But, 13 years after he sent me that note, I was thinking about him and how much that meant to me just starting in the industry. 

And so in today’s episode we get into the importance of Human to Human connection, and how embracing technology enables us to be more intentional with how we spend our time so we can BUILD deep connection, AUTHENTICALLY, and really contribute to the communities around us...Because that’s why we’re here, right? 



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